Oversized advertisments

like billboards are produced on vinyl these days. two types of printed vinyl are available: single sheet and seemed. We prefer single sheet. If you have a billboard you need covered give us the size you need to clear and let us know if you need pole pockets or grommets.

Prices start at $1.00 a Sq. Ft.
(prices may change with variations in the market)

Additional vinyl options are: mesh, pressure sensitive, and backlit.


Billboard Standards:

  • Billboard printing is on Seamless Rolled Vinyl, unlike other printers who seam multiple vinyl panels to together after printing.
  • Billboards are printed on 13oz vinyl flex. The Outdoor Weight Vinyl with 840 x 840 Tinsel Strength, matching industry weight standard with a strong bond to increase durability.
  • Billboards are printed at High Resolution at 150dpi for billboards.
  • Billboards use High Quality UV Ink and Glossy Vinyl to resist fading and results in more vibrant colors when printing.
  • Quick Turnaround Time on our billboards, so you can start making money on your billboard faster.
  • We have customized finishing that allows for easier and quicker installation.

Neolith Graphics does not provide the actual billboards for advertising on.