All the other stuff not found in our TOS or Privacy Policy

Terms of Service – All interaction with Neolith Graphics, and to a limited extent, its subsidiaries, intermediaries, or referrals are subject to our Terms of Service. By utilizing our services and the services of other through us, you agree to abide by these terms and to pay for services rendered at the rates we specify. Phone, Fax, and Email correspondence are considered contractual engagements of our primaries or staff and will be used to enforce any and all claims against the client and/or their agent(s) to recover compensation for work performed to any state of completion. Any and all unpaid claims will be remanded to a professional collection agency after 60 days, no exceptions.

Privacy Policy – We do not share our clients’ information with anyone as long as the client remains in good standing with our company. Should a client disregard our terms of service our privacy policy is withdrawn and all available client information is used, as deemed necessary, to collect on any and all debts or obligations.

Credit Cards – We use PayPal and Square Up exclusively. If you pay for your products or services by credit card there will be a delay until funds have cleared PayPal and have been deposited in our services account (you will be subject to additional fees for using Credit Card services).

Check – Payments for goods and services by check are subject to delays as it applies to receipt of your payment and subject to further delays until the check clears.

Direct Deposit – Clients depositing payment for goods and service directly to our accounts will receive preferential treatment.

Lines of Credit – We do not offer lines of credit; please do not ask us to reconsider.

Rush Fees – All Projects are considered “Rush” if they have to be produced in under 7 business days. Projects of this nature will have a Rush Fee attached to billing that will reflect $35.00 or 35% (which ever is greater) of the standard charge we would normally invoice for. Plan your projects accordingly if you wish to avoid these additional fees.

Instant Messaging (I.M.), Texting, or other forms of Microblogging – are not considered valid methods of contact and will be ignored if used to give directions/information on projects. If you need to advise our staff on any projects that are currently in progress or in a manner that can be considered an engagement of services you must direct your Phone/PDA/Other to use a valid email address for our company.

Outside Vendors – You are responsible for negotiating the terms of the work you seek to have performed by outside vendor whether they were referred by us or not. We are not responsible for work performed by outside resources.

Overseas Clients – We do not believe that you cannot find someone in your own country to perform the same work we do here. If no one will work with you where you are currently based, we take that as a big red flag.

Non-Profit Organizations – We do not work with non-profit organizations. This also includes religious organizations of all denominations.

To Online Marketers: Contacting us without permission (we find you, not the other way around) will get you banned from our servers permanently. If you spam us continually from alternative email addresses, we seek legal action against you, your company, and/or affiliate member organizations.

Failure to Read – our legal disclaimer, terms of service, privacy policy, contracts/work orders, sign off sheets, product descriptions, website, and/or correspondence, is not an excuse. We will not change our policies to suit belief systems or lack of training/knowledge in how technology, and it’s use in industry, effects our profession and in the end you the client. If you want to know about how we achieve “your” goals using industry standards we will gladly explain it to you (please see our fees associated with consultation). It pays to be diligent, so be sure to “ask” what something is going to cost you before you order it or you can disclose your budget up front and we will tailor the work to fit within your required financial parameters.

**NOTICE: Lately we have been receiving art files from clients that have paid an artist or broker to produce a logo/layout that was found through an online service. In some of those cases the art file has had to be rebuilt to some extent if not completely in order to make it through the printing process. Over the last 2 years (2008-2010) most of these files have come from Asia in general. Not all foreign artists are incapable of doing good work but we do see a fair amount of poor technical expertise. Nice stuff, bad execution.

Also, what people don’t know is that when you have a logo/layout created for cheap overseas the same legalities of ownwership apply to the art as they do here in America (can you say: global economy). So unless you have a contractual agreement stating that you own the concept, artwork, name, etc., the overseas artist can sue you later for punitive damages and copyright infringement.

So imagine building your brand, years of marketing, tradeshow events, tons of invested time and money on your part and one day a lawyer from another country files a suit against you, and you have to pay tens of thousands of dollars to defend yourself in a foreign court. Then you have to pay damages to the artist or company that did the original work which can go into the millions of dollars.

The person who creates the work is the owner. Doesn’t matter if you thought up the original concept, development of the final piece constitutes ownership. Talk to an attorney that specializes in this type of law (copyright, trademark, & patent). Even if you copyright a piece after you have it built you still need a signed agreement from the artist giving you complete and unabridged rights to the piece. FYI: That agreement must specify any and all uses.