Custom Job Quotes


We do provide custom job quotes. The main restriction on custom jobs is that you, the client, understand that one off’s (Single Items) are probably going to be considerably more expensive than say 1,000 pieces of the same item.

For example, if you want 12 business cards on silk paper the cost will be more than if you ordered a 1,000 pieces because the materials, set up, start up, shut down, clean up, and general overhead is the largest expense that we must consider whenever we quote a job.

Some jobs lend themselves well to very few pieces such as signage (banners, box signs, billboards, websites, digital press runs, etc) others not so much (screen printing & offset printing).

If your project does not require certain coatings, embossing, die-cutting, and other mechanically intensive fabrication methods we may be able to substitute alternative production processes to get you what you need.