Screen Printing


Screen Printed Sportwear, T-Shirts, Etc…

Imprinted garments are a good way to advertise your business, uniforms for employees, expanding your brand, or exposing your ideas to the ever changing crowd walking past you. Typically Screenprinting is the best choice for large amounts of any one item.

One time costs are typically art, film, and screens.

  • Art/Graphics: Client supplied or built by our staff, cost to be determined.
  • Color Separations: Charges dependant on the complexity of the image. Half-tone images typically drive the cost up, especially if colors have to be blended.
  • Film: $15.00 per color (on average)
  • Screens: $35.00 per color


  • Full size images on a shirt (up to 12.5″ x 12.5″ area) $Price Revision in Progress per color
  • Pocket sized images (up to 3.5″ X 3.5″ area) $Price Revision in Progress per color
  • These prices include, bags, hats, sleeves, and other soft durable goods that qualify as clothing or clothing accessories.

 For estimates/pricing please contact us.