Heat Transfer


Heat Transfers

An alternative to screening or embroidery and is usually good for single pieces or short runs around a dozen. Though best employed on white shirts for an additional cost it can be done on darker garments. For darker garments we suggest solid colored areas or thick borders to design elements. Eventually it comes down to the design or illustration you want to use and how effectively it can be employed. Typical transfer materials are are white bases with the design or illustration printed on them.

  • Printing and transfer (heat set) for a 8″ x 8″ area is around $10.00 to start, but we need to see what you are trying to accomplish to maximize the cost effectiveness of the transfer material. Weeding complicated designs can drive the cost up.
  • Vinyl heat transfer materials work best on garments that are made of mostly (better than 50%) natural fibers such as cotton.

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