Proofing Prints


Digital proofs are available for our clients at the cost of $5.00. Physical proofs are done on a digital press and run $10.00 plus postage.

So here is the deal with proofing, if it’s digital it just a PDF. When you receive it it will look just like the one you sent us to print. Why? Because you are looking at it on your monitor (see Calibrating your monitor) it will most likely look the same way it did when you sent it to us.

Physical proofs are done on a medium sized digital press that is calibrated to reflect what we see on our monitors. Typically this within 15%+/- of the final color from the offset presses we usually employ. On runs of less than 1,000 pieces we typically use a high end digital press for the final print. The result of a physical proof vs. offset final and high end digital final can waiver between 10% to 20%+/- in color replication in any given print run.

We are a gang run shop so dominate colors, in other clients files, being run with the groups can sway color results from time to time. We make every effort to prevent this by running similar color schemes together but sometimes that is just not possible.