Art Requirements

  • File Formats
    Acceptable file formats for printing
  • Dimensions and Resolution
    Dimensions and resolution of client submitted artwork
  • Understanding Resolution
    understanding resolution and the terms that define different types of resolution
  • Digital Imaging
    Digital imaging and print files
  • CMYK Process
    CMYK or 4 color process printing
  • Color Accuracy
    The difference between RGB monitors and CMYK printed materials.
  • Calibrating your monitor
    Calibrating your monitor for digital imaging
  • Blacks & Blues
    Some of the hardest colors to match going from RGB to CMYK are blues.
  • File Prep
    Preparation of Printing files, naming conventions, one sided coatings, and PDF output settings.
  • Proofing
    Proofing prints – Digital proofs are available for our clients at the cost of $5.00. Physical proofs are done on a digital press and run $10.00 plus postage.