Important Neolith Graphics Business Update

We value our customers security and online presence
If your website is not part of a Subscription Support Package you will no longer be able to continue using our hosting platform or be included in our secure server migration.
Neolith Graphics will terminate unmanaged website hosting completely on January 1st, 2016.

The open internet became available 20 years ago and in that time it has become something we all cannot live without. It has also become a battlefield for the control of entire economies, infrastructure, and personal liberties. At this very moment nothing is safe online including the white house internal email system, national security websites, FacebookTwitter, Sony, etc., have all been hacked and are under constant attack just like every public website currently online.

Over the last three years, Neolith has taken repeated and relentless attacks from cyber criminals. As of last December the rate of attack on individual websites and the server itself kept outsourced IT professionals and myself busy defending your websites 24 hours a day for 6 weeks straight. At this very moment we are updating security and patching code on every website hourly to keep the sites online and secure.

Neolith’s web hosting package is not designed to sustain such massive amounts of cyber warfare and is not contractually obligated to provide this level of support. Neolith cannot continue to provide web hosting for clients without full time website management support personnel.

On February 12th, 2015 our business hosting provider terminated its contractual obligations to support any of their clients in any way other than to provide a platform for hosting, with the caveat that if even one site fails to remain updated and secured on a daily basis, they will shut down our business solutions package. Every attempt at renegotiation of our business contract, or to find an alternative at the same price point has failed.

In response to massive increases in hacking, the hosting industry itself has changed to an a la carte service provider. These a la carte solutions for support and security start at several hundred dollars per month to several thousand for enterprise application support and enhanced security solutions.

Today and from this point forward, internet resources will never be free to anyone ever again. With the coming expected rise of 3 billion new internet users from 2016 to 2020, staying viable and secure online will require constant adjustment to software changes, security threats and ever changing marketing trends.

In order to adapt to the new digital economy and the security issues that will persist for years to come, we are breaking up Neolith.

Here are some things for you to think about as we move forward

Your Website is an Important Tool for your Business. It helps facilitate interaction amongst your clients and partners, generates sales leads and revenue for your business. It advertises your company and acts on your business’ behalf 24 hours a day 7 days a week. If it’s not doing that, it should be.

All Software is Vulnerable. Because of this it will always have to be maintained and upgraded to deal with outside forces constantly trying to compromise its integrity. Individual software packages and applications will constantly be in conflict as software engineers continue to rework and rewrite code to better serve and secure the user community.

You Can Do it Yourself. By the statistical data, I see 99% of our hosted sites, most of you do not, or rarely, login to your sites to update the content or coding. I get it; you’re busy running your business, as you should be. Unfortunately ignoring your website isn’t going to maximize its potential as a tool for your business. The days of “set it and forget it” and “build it and they will come” are over. Your site needs to be up to date daily and it needs to conform to standards as they change. Like the latest change from Google on April 21st, which states all sites must be mobile capable or they will suffer in Google search rankings.

How We Can Help. If you are still with me at this point you obviously care about your online presence. I’ve been riding the tech wave for 20 years now and that’s just the professional portion. For the majority of you I built your websites, and rebuilt them repeatedly, to keep pace with changing code requirements. I know your sites intimately and my team takes their cues from my experience and the work I have performed. This puts my latest series of ventures in a unique position to continue caring for your needs, perceived or not, on into the future.

What I Am Offering. My latest venture is called WP Website Support. My team and I will take care of all the things that keep your site safe so you can do what you do best, run your business. Need additional help posting new content or advice with your Social Media? Want exposure online through Google Adwords, Facebook ads, Bing ads, etc.? Want to start your own podcast or TV station (yeah, digital TV station! We know how to set that up) but don’t want to do it yourself because you have a business to run or you are not in a position to learn how to do all of this yourself? This is why my partners and I exist.

The Best Part. Neolith, its partners and I grew up with the constantly evolving internet technologies and we continue to look ahead and anticipate the changes coming to the technological landscape. Your business is already a part of our family, continuing to support us means we can continue to support you, and that means not having to worry about “yet one more thing” in your business needing oversight or knowledgeable personnel.

So Where is the Proof? That’s actually an easy question to answer. How many times have you had to call us with a problem we couldn’t solve? In the last 18 years of service to our clients we have maintained a 98% retention rate of our clientele. We’ve even had clients return to us just for the fact that our services are trustworthy and fair.

What’s Next? Due to the ongoing drop off of print purchasing, Neolith's print offerings will be turned into a stand-alone service with an online ordering system. A new web development company is launching shortly to replace Neolith’s web development and will be better able to assist clients web development needs. Daily site support will be an entirely separate entity safeguarding your site and giving you access to a technician to help you better manage your online presence.

We are offering two options to our current hosting clients

Option One:

You may sign up for a support account with our newly founded company http://WPWebsite.Support which will scale up your backup and security according to the plan you select. Included will be continued hosting with no additional hosting payment required. If you have already paid for your hosting for 2015-2016, this will be credited to your account in a prorated amount within 60 days.

We are migrating to a series of Virtual Private Servers (VPS) which will take place between Oct. 2015 and January 1st, 2016. All of our clients will be offered an upgraded hosting package to a VPS of their own at that time. We will provide additional information about the security and scalability a VPS offers as we get closer to this migration.

BONUS OFFER for Silver, Gold and Platinum Memberships (for all existing clients): For those of you who sign up, you will be offered the option to have your website rebuilt, through our development partners, using current responsive coding standards with an updated design for $600.00* ($1,200 savings).
*This does not include eCommerce, membership software, licensing fees or advanced site security such as SSL. This offer is good for the first 6 pages/screens and expires in August 2015.

Offered WP Website Support Packages

For more information on WP Website Support packages please visit http://wpwebsite.support. 
Please submit your request for support through the contact form on the WP Website Support. Have questions about the total amount of support per package, just email us and ask.

  • Bronze Level Support - Install Code Updates Daily, Security & Uptime Monitoring, Bi-Weekly Full Site Back Up. $97.00 per Month.
  • Silver Level Support - Bronze level package plus Weekly Full Site Back Ups, Daily Database Back Up, 2 Sheduled Sessions a Month to Assist you with Site Content. $197.00 per Month.
  • Gold Level Support - Silver level package plus Unlimited* Small Task Assistance with Your Site Content. $297.00 per Month.
  • Platinum Level Support - Gold level package plus One Strategy Session a Month to Keep Your Websites Business Objectives Clear and on Track. $497.00 per Month.

Option Two:

For those who choose not to initiate a support package.
If you have not already paid your hosting renewal fee in 2015 you have 30 days, from the date of renewal, to select an alternative hosting solution and we will move your site to your new host for $50.00.

If you have paid your hosting fee you have 60 days to select an alternative hosting solution. We will then move your site for the same amount less your current prorated hosting payment between the move date and the end of your current hosting agreement. No refunds for hosting will be issued.

What Will Not Go With Your Website to your new hosting solution
Our licensed software and proprietary programming will not transfer to your new host. If you want to keep those particular upgrades to your website you will have to purchase your own site licenses which are subscription based.

Certain restrictions apply on hosting solutions; please consult with us before you purchase a new hosting solution so we can verify that they can support your website appropriately.

Here is a hint on hosting: Anything under $100 per month on any hosting giant (godaddy, bluehost, hostgator, liquidweb, rackspace, etc) is going to most likely be shared hosting, unmanaged and not secure.

In Closing

It's been a long and interesting journey for myself and Neolith's partnerships over the last 18 years and we have grown with our clients and the greater global technical community. For us, the coming changes to our business model are an unavoidable and necessary path to continued growth and prosperity in the changing global business environment.

We understand that there will be some of you that will not be able or willing to continue on with us as we adapt to the increasing demands of internet technologies and a digital economy. We are sorry to see you go and we very much appreciate your patronage through the years. We wish you the best of luck with the future of your business.

Thank you all for being a part of our family here at Neolith Graphics, it's been a pleasure serving you and we look forward to continued support of your business needs in the future through our partner ventures.

My sincerest regards,
Blair Wolf